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Update to latest verstion of test-agent


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We land commit of bug 934952 for test-agent that need to update version to 0.17.0.
Summary: Version bump for test-agent → Fetch latest for test-agent
Summary: Fetch latest for test-agent → Update to latest verstion of test-agent
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Can we change the test-agent version number to '*' in package.json so that auto track the latest package?
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If I'm not wrong, "*" means that any installed version works, and that means it won't attempt to fetch the last one if there is already one. What you want is probably "latest" instead? I'd say it's probably fine to use "latest" in this package.json since we only ever update it manually.

I don't want "latest" in any package.json that is automatically updated with a make command that developers usually use though.
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Just remembered that:
* "make test-agent-server" is actually doing a "npm install"
* we still need to run "make update-common" by hand

So I'd rather not use "latest" and update the version by hand.

That said, I think we could try to change the system to run "update-common" automatically instead of doing it by hand.
A similar things I have done before

In is this patch I put "update-common" into general "make".
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To be clear, what I try to avoid is running "npm install" in situations where we don't have the network (eg: in a train, flight, subway, countryside).
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