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Move toolkit/mozapps/extensions/*.idl to ./public/ directory


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The IDL interfaces files in toolkit/mozapps/extensions/ are rarely touched. With bug 952307, the IDL files now dominate that directory - which is silly, and unnecessarily confusing for new contributors.

So let's just sweep them to a corner of the room where we can easily ignore them until that rare instance when we need to mess with them. Convention is to use a subdirectory named "public".
i would like to work on this bug. Can you assign me the bug
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Handing over to a build config guy since I know they have things to say about adding new directories to the build.
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Did you `hg mv` these files? The raw patch says you didn't. It is important to preserve rename information.

::: toolkit/mozapps/extensions/
@@ -8,3 @@
>  TEST_DIRS += ['test']

Before you add a new file, try prefixing XPIDL_SOURCES with "public/". I'm optimistic that will "just work."
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Used "hg mv" to move the idl files to public directory.
prefixed XPIDL_SOURCES with "public/" and it works fine
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Ganesh, since you've already worked on a few patches by now, maybe you want to sign up for Tryserver (Level 1) commit access so you can start your own builds and accelerate the check-in process? Details are at <>.

It's still a complicated procedure so if you'd like to focus on fixing actual bugs instead, you're also welcome to do so. Me or other developers can push to try for you if you ask :-)
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