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Add nsRefPtrHashtable method does Get+Remove without AddRef or Release


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I think I figured out what is causing the deadlock I was seeing in my patch in bug 96741.  nsSupportsHashtable has a method Remove that returns the data being removed, just with a swap, so there's no refcount on the data member.

In the first version of my patch, I changed it to a Get followed by a Remove, but this causes the value extracted from the hashtable to get an extra AddRef and Release of an nsJAR.  nsJAR has a weirdo Release() method that calls ReleaseZip() on its cache when it hits a refcount of 1, so if an object is being extracted that has a refcount of one, then it will hit a refcount of one twice, causing an extra ReleaseZip(), which I think causes a nested nsZipReaderCache::ReleaseZip(), which triggers the deadlock detector.

My solution is just to add a new method to nsRefPtrHashtable that does Get+Remove using a swap, so there's no extra ref count traffic.
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part 1 - Make braces less weird in nsRefPtrHashtable.

Review of attachment 8379769 [details] [diff] [review]:

::: xpcom/glue/nsRefPtrHashtable.h
@@ +112,2 @@
>      if (aFound)
>        *aFound = true;

Might as well brace this while you're here.
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