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Allow users to search for strings that are in location fields


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(Whiteboard: [kb=1297597] [Triage 2015-04-17])

Once we have users who have new location data in their profiles, we should make sure we can search for locations and find users in those locations. The possibility of this brings all sorts of ambitious interfaces and features to mind, but they are not in scope of this bug. This bug has a very small scope.

* Compare strings in search field to strings in location fields, and return results that match. This is just like the comparison we currently do for IRC handles or names. A search for "Cottonshopeburnfoot" will return people named "Cottonshopeburnfoot" and people in the location "Cottonshopeburnfoot"[0] and will not distinguish between these different kinds of result in the results page.

We can tackle more ambitious presentation and search of geographic data in other bugs; this is the most basic working demonstration of this new data.

Whiteboard: [kb=1297597]
Assignee: dpoirier → nobody
Duplicate of this bug: 1038048
Duplicate of this bug: 1076979
Duplicate of this bug: 1081983
Duplicate of this bug: 1118653
Expected UX: Users will search using freetext. If string matches any location string they will get prompted with the relevant city/region/country url.

Specs pending.
Whiteboard: [kb=1297597] → [kb=1297597] [Triage 2015-04-17]
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