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Reference the file "choose-banner" in bug 972909.
Question: Do we want this list of banners to have any relationship to l10n settings?
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Hey Justin, 
I'm not 100% sure I understand the question. Do you mean: do we want the list of banners to be localized?
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Yes. The question is more along the lines of "Do we still want banner previews to be localized?". Which means we'd still have the "upload previews for this banner in every language the site supports" chore.

This also brings up another possibly-unresolved issue; what do banner previews for text-only banners look like? This one is probably a question for leetom, since he'll be coming up with the visual style for banner previews. Perhaps we want to investigate banner previews that are language-agnostic? Especially if the preview is sort've short and cut off like the wireframes implied.
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So the thing that's good about localized preview images is that it gives the user an idea of what their banner is going to look like. I feel like just showing it in English or a random language would be discouraging. While it's extra work, I think the ROI is worth it. So yes, localized banner preview images please.

In terms of text banners, could it be a snippet of the text?
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> In terms of text banners, could it be a snippet of the text?

From a technical standpoint, sure! No issues with that. We'll just have to wait and see what Lee/Craig come up with visually, then.
Discussion on previews eventually led us to decide that previews will be text for text banners, and the 150x150 banner image for image banners, with the understanding that all banners will have that available or show a default filler image.

The frontend for this was covered in and the backend has existed for a while. Originally we wanted this bug to track the remaining integration for this, but at this point I don't think it's useful to keep this bug around, as craig and I are working from our own granular lists on things that don't all map well to large bugs.
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