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When specifying a product via URL, we shouldn't guess the platform based on UA string


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I was playing with the (prototype) product picker. I submitted feedback on Firefox Metro and Firefox for Android from desktop Firefox on OS X.

The feedback responses ended up getting OS X assigned as the platform. This doesn't make sense for those products.

I think we should not guess the platform when a product is explicit via the URL.

We might want to assign the platform for Firefox OS, Firefox for Android and Firefox Metro since they all run on only one platform. Not sure if that is useful.
Adding metadata and putting it in this quarter's queue. That code is a little tricky, so I'm guessing this is going to be a 2 pointer.
Whiteboard: u=user c=feedback p=2 s=input.2014q1
Moving this to 2014q2.
Whiteboard: u=user c=feedback p=2 s=input.2014q1 → u=user c=feedback p=2 s=input.2014q2
Making this a P1 because it should get fixed.
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So for this, I think we can use this heuristic:

1. if the url-specified product is the same as the user-agent inferred product, then we can use the user-agent inferred platform

2. if the url-specified product is NOT the same as the user-agent inferred product, then we leave the platform alone

I think that'll be fine for now. I think we only look at the platform for Firefox, so it doesn't really matter what the platform is set to for one-platform-only products right now.

The nice thing about this heuristic is that it doesn't involve hard-coding product properties or alternatively adding to the product table and it's pretty simple to implement.
Landed in master:

I'll push it out later today.
Pushed to prod just now.
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Assigning it to me.
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