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[Australis] Update product graphic on /new page


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We would like to update the graphic for the /new page, please. 



Deadline is March 17. 

To clarify, it's the product graphic (screenshot) that needs updating.
Summary: [Australis] Update graphic for /new page → [Australis] Update product graphic on /new page
Depends on: 977467
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Depends on: 977467
Due Date: 2014-03-17 → 2014-03-14
OS: Mac OS X → All
Hardware: x86 → All
Due Date: 2014-03-14 → 2014-03-21
Hi Steven, Michael, and Zhenshuo-

We need to recreate the "neutral" browser chrome image on /new (see attached) using the Australis browser chrome for the Australis launch and going forward.

Could any of you provide high quality image files (ideally PSDs) of the actual Australis browser chrome for Lee to work with?

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Attachment #8391488 - Attachment description: example of browser chrome image on fx download page → this is the wrong image
Is the UI frozen yet? The bookmarks buttons in the main toolbar have changed over the last week in the Australis builds.
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Hi Fang and Michael-

Is the chrome UI frozen for the April 29 Australis release?  If yes, how/where do we see the final UI for April 29?

For the press screenshots (see bug 971892), we've been using Windows 7 for the windows shots. Should we do the same here, or use the Windows 8 PSD provided here in comment #7?
Assignee: jbalaco → steven
Note(s) to myself: After a quick chat with habber, jbertsch, and ltom, we determined the following:

1. The post-download screenshots on this page are fine (was Bug 977473)

2. We'll use 'real' screenshots, rather than the PSDs provided in comment #7
   (though they are beautiful, thanks!).

3. The browser tab arrangement with be:
   a) Firefox Marketplace (pinned-tab)
   b) Webmaker (pinned-tab)
   c) Empty tab with "Mozilla Firefox" as title and Firefox favicon

4. Location bar and search bar will be empty

5. We'll keep the light grid-lines in the browser content area 

6. Windows shot will be on Windows 7

7. Mac shot will be in both retina and non-retina resolutions
   (we have some magic to show the right one to visitors)

8. Linux shot will be the most generic setup we can make, similar to the current screenshot. 

9. We may add Windows 8 screenshots later, if/when usage increases, and we can address high-res ('retina') screenshots for Windows at that point.

Let me know if I missed anything, thanks.
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Posting the old (current) page PSD here, for access to the in-browser page grid graphic:
Sounds good. Thanks all!

Will any additional design work be needed to accommodate various copy tests? I know there was talk of playing around with the layout to fit the copy...not sure where we landed on that, though.
Hey guys - status update, please! Good to close this bug? Thanks!
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Product: Marketing →
(In reply to Lizz Noonan from comment #12)
> Hey guys - status update, please! Good to close this bug? Thanks!

Images still need to be updated on the /new page. I've moved the bug to, and I'm taking it.
Whiteboard: [kb=1327475]
Hi Steven-

How is this coming along?  Do you think you can have the images done this week or early next so that we can code them by April 29?

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Hi Lee and John-

Steven is going to try to get this finished up over the weekend, but if he runs out of time, can Lee pick it up on Monday, April 21?

Hi Jen, I can step back into this if Steven is not available. I may need to re-pick your brain on all the details necessary  - and source all of the screenshots (I'm only on OS X) - let me know!
Hi Lee-

Steven is going to try to provide the Windows and Linux screenshots over the weekend so that you can finish this up.

Thanks for your help!

The new images are done in this pull request:

The retina-resolution image for Mac isn't in the PR yet - still have to sort out how to include that one. Should be a blocker though.
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Thanks so much Steven!

Kohei - could we please see this on a demo server this week with the new text?
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Sure, I have just added :sgarrity's images to my pull request so we can push it to a demo server for review.
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Thanks Steven and Kohei!

Just so I'm clear, does Lee need to do anything on this one?
(In reply to John Slater from comment #21)
> Just so I'm clear, does Lee need to do anything on this one?

Everything should be done, but if Lee could give the updated screenshots a quick review, that would be helpful:
Awesome, thanks.
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(In reply to Steven Garrity [:sgarrity] from comment #22)
> Everything should be done, but if Lee could give the updated screenshots a
> quick review, that would be helpful:

Thanks, Steven.

Holly and Cmore - could you please review also?
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The screenshots look good to me. Thanks, Steven!
Looks good to me too.  I don't think there is any more work to be done on the images.
Look good to me as well. Thanks!
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Update /firefox/new screenshows for Australis
Bug 977465
Add high-res screenshots for /firefox/new page
Bug 977465
Note that the high-res linux and windows screenshots are just direct
copies of the normal resolution images, as high-res sources are not
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