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Count total pages visited by all test users


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1.  Goal:
* As a product owner I want to measure the total number of pages that Beta Channel users in our test locales visit during the Translation test period so that I can control for behavioral variation between test groups

2.  Acceptance Criteria:
* I can view a report that shows me how many total pages each Beta Channel user of the Turkish, Vietnamese and Polish locales visited during the Translation test period
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Depends on: 977768
from chat with bsmedberg
bsmedberg: I think we already measure something very much like that in telemetry
[11:24am] bsmedberg: the only thing being that we don't count it if the page doesn't finish loading...
[11:24am] bsmedberg: either the network fails or the user closes the tab before its done
[11:25am] chadw: ok, that's what i remember
[11:25am] bsmedberg:
[11:25am] bsmedberg: adding a counter there just for STATE_START would be trivial and wouldn't impact perf at all
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I don't think this needs any special QA testing but I'm assigning it to Bogdan Maris as QA Contact for Translation. Please set to [qa+] if this needs manual testing.
QA Contact: bogdan.maris
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I'm not sure when should this expire. I set 35 as a placeholder.
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Attachment #8396209 - Flags: review?(benjamin)
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Actually I don't think we should expire this. Total visits is a number we can use to correlate other data and as such I think it's reasonable to collect this permanently.
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Very strange bustgae... backed-out:
Since your backout also failed the same way, I'd start by betting that the Experiments build system is busted and requires a clobber., after the first two busted builds ( and, was green. It doesn't admit to having been a clobber, but from a quick glance it looks like it probably was.
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And to muddy the waters even more, is a non-unified build which failed in the same way, long after your backout, on a slave which did not do a non-unified build (or any other sort of fx-team build, for that matter) while you were in the tree. Based on that, I can't tell you whether your patch needed a clobber, or you just got two very unlucky builds right after you landed, or what.
Actually, amidst the flames of mozilla-central burning after it got merged there, probably the best bet is that landing required a clobber of all universal builds, and you were completely an innocent victim of it having just landed.
Thanks Phil. I'm going to try again now.
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The following changeset is now in Firefox Nightly:

> 2ff1425ff217 Bug 977730 - Count total pages visited by all test users. r=bsmedberg.

Nightly Build Information:

        ID: 20140402030201
 Changeset: 4941a2ac0786109b08856738019b016a6c5a66a6
   Version: 31.0a1

Download Links:

>         Linux x86:
>      Linux x86_64:
> Linux x86_64 ASAN:
>               Mac:
>             Win32:
>             Win64:

Previous Nightly Build Information:

        ID: 20140401030203
 Changeset: 1417d180a1d8665b1a91b897d1cc4cc31e7980d4
   Version: 31.0a1
Mass move of translation bugs to the new Translation component.
Component: Firefox Operations → Translation
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