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Mapping "->" to "->" in Notes


(Firefox OS Graveyard :: Gaia::Notes, defect)

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(b2g-v1.3 verified, b2g-v1.3T fixed, b2g-v1.4 fixed)

1.4 S3 (14mar)
Tracking Status
b2g-v1.3 --- verified
b2g-v1.3T --- fixed
b2g-v1.4 --- fixed


(Reporter: andre.jaenisch, Assigned: yor)



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Steps to reproduce:

1. Start Notes app in Firefox OS v1.1 (Alcatel OneTouch Fire).
2. Add a new note.
3. Enter "->" in the text field.
4. Save by hitting "Done." (leads to closing this note)
5. Reopen the note.

Actual results:

The "->" is translated to "->" (html entity)

Expected results:

I'd expected to see "->" again or even better → (→).
Yan, can you take a look?
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Assignee: nobody → yor
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Matias, I see the code is converting '&' to '&' before saving to storage,
in evernote.js:1066:

  var text = child.nodeValue.replace(/</g, "&lt;").replace(/>/g, "&gt;").replace(/&(?!amp;)/g, "&amp;");

Why is this line needed?  The data should already be in HTML, no?
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Even if the input is in plain text, the replace order is wrong.
Ampersands must be replaced before any other meta characters:

  var text = child.nodeValue.replace(/&(?!amp;)/g, "&amp;").replace(/</g, "&lt;").replace(/>/g, "&gt;");
Yan, the replacement was needed after we received a review saying everything is deleted after typing '&' in the note body.

I think that if you change the replace order like Masatoshi suggested it will work fine.
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This doesn't have r+ AFAICT.
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Closed: 9 years ago
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Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → 1.4 S3 (14mar)
I was able to verify this issue as Fixed in the following build with the latest version of Notes app:

v1.3 Environmental Variables:
Device: Buri v1.3 MOZ
BuildID: 20140410004002
Gaia: 62acb4b0e774b6709b8be400d849f807404bb21b
Gecko: 94baf6039462
Version: 28.0
Firmware Version: v1.2-device.cfg
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