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With XR 27 and default dark motif, selected nicks are impossible to read


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Steps to reproduce:

I just upgraded from XR 22 (which came with my version of cZ) to XR 27.  I started seeing the following issues in the nick list:

1. When I move the mouse over items in the nick list, the item under the mouse gets a highlight that wasn't there before.  The problem is that if I move the mouse down, the highlight doesn't get erased properly.  This happens only if I move the mouse *down* and not up.

2. The currently selected nick is drawn as black text on a dark gray background that's impossible to read.

Both issues only happen with the dark motif.  I tried the light motif and they vanished.

Because the problem only appeared when I upgraded XR, that upgrade is somehow involved.  But it remains unclear if the bug is entirely inside XR, if something new in XR exposed a bug in cZ, or if a recent change in cZ was activated only with the latest XR.

Actual results:

There are highlighting issues that appear only when cZ is run by the latest version of XR.  This might or might not appear when cZ is run inside Firefox or Seamonkey.

Expected results:

The highlighting issues above shouldn't be present.  Either highlighting should work smoothly or not be used.
This is a toolkit bug; I can reproduce the failed invalidation/repainting when moving the mouse down but not up like the reporter.

The highlight looking shocking against the dark motif is more a problem of OS theme clashing - we may be able to override that in the motif.
Summary: Highlight in nick list issues with XR 27 → With XR 27 and default dark motif, selected nicks are impossible to read
Moving the failed invalidation issue to Toolkit as requested.  Will reference the new bug here when it's ready.
Bug 979565
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