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Follow-up on disabled tests for Android 2.3 emulator


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In bug 967704, we identified many test failures in the Android 2.3 emulator, opened bugs for those, and often disabled the offending tests. Once the tests are disabled, those bugs don't really block 967704, but we should follow-up on them to see if we can get them running on Android 2.3.
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I re-visited the tests I previously disabled for Android 2.3 and found that several of them appear to run fine now. This change may be due to the change from aws to ix slaves, or it may be that the root cause of the failures was addressed in other bugs -- I don't know. In any case, these tests appear to run fine now, so I want to enable them.

Once this patch lands, I will update and close the affected bugs (bug 975487, 981895, etc).
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Another try run, to be sure:
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enable some mochitests on Android 2.3

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Looks good to me
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I found some crashtests that can be enabled too.
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See Also: → 1251013
Android 2.3 is no longer supported in Firefox 48+.

Test manifests were updated in bug 1251013.
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Removing leave-open keyword from resolved bugs, per :sylvestre.
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