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[tracking] Allow developers to simulate a server-less in-app payment


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Developers can use Marketplace to make server-less in-app payments (bug 944480). However, until their app is approved they'll only be able to *simulate* in-app purchases. That process is detailed here:

Let's support simulating in-app payments.

A developer needs this feature so they can get their app working before submitting the app to the Marketplace.

I'm leaving some details here vague because this requires some thought and design. For example, the in-app product manager UI would need to be accessible somehow on devhub outside of an app.
Blocks: 944480
Priority: -- → P2
In a discussion we thought it might be easiest just to add "stub products" to this page:
Assignee: nobody → kumar.mcmillan
Per discussion:


fxpay.configure({fakeProducts: true})


fxpay.configure({fakeProducts: [{name: 'The Product', ...}]})

This would create and return fake products when fxpay.getProducts() is called. These products can be purchased in simulation mode which will generate a test receipt and allow the developer to implement all their callbacks.

For developing on a public app, the dev could do:

fxpay.configure({simulate: true})

and this would put their existing production products into simulation mode.
Depends on: 1045259
Depends on: 1045260
Depends on: 1046849
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Summary: Allow developers to simulate a server-less in-app payment → [tracking] Allow developers to simulate a server-less in-app payment
Depends on: 1045905
note to self: I got as far as trying to start a simulated payment. That needs fixing next: bug 1045905
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