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FxAccountsManager.jsm and consumers: change "accountId" attribute to "email"


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Right now, when I login using the fxa test client, the FxAccountsIACHelper.openFlow() callback gets:

{"email": "", "success": true, "verified": true}

but if I then do FxAccountsIACHelper.getAccounts(), the response is:

{"accountId": "", "verified": true}

We should use accountId everywhere for consistency.
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Jed and I chatted about this and noticed that the UI refers to "email" and the value of the field must be a orutable email, so we're inclined to go with "email." Thoughts?
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Sounds great!
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This comes down to a single attribute name in services/fxaccounts/FxAccountsManager.jsm which gets copied all over the place. So it's a straightforward find-and-replace for both gecko and gaia, but I'm a little concerned about coordinating the paired patches. Jared, how would you feel about tweaking the consumers of FxAccountsIACHelper to look for email and fall back to accountId? Then I could update gecko safely. At the same time I'd like to move all this to nice-to-have. So a new gaia bug to that effect would block 974121 and this bug, and this one would block 974096. Once this bug lands, we could then remove the fallback.
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Per IRC with Jared, moving this to nice-to-have.
Blocks: 974096
No longer blocks: 955951
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Hey Sam - sorry for the lack of response here. I'll fix this inside the settings patch (we can skip opening another bug). Would you mind opening a bug to update the system app?
doh, forgot ni
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Summary: JSON response after login flow should use 'accountId', not 'email' → FxAccountsManager.jsm and consumers: change "accountId" attribute to "email"
Depends on: 984486
Attached patch 981210-accountId-to-email.patch (obsolete) — Splinter Review
This is a pure search-and-replace, except for the bit in FxAccountsMgmtService.jsm to catch accountId. Once this patch lands, we can take accountId out of Gaia, and then remove that kludge. Thanks Jed!
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That looks good to me.  I searched services/ and b2g/ and don't find any other instances that need changing.

Thanks, Sam!
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