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500 Internal server error during ABP sync


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After the db schema update in bug 980239 and 980776 the AdblockPlus sync, which previously gave an 404 as described in 980239, now results in a "POST fail 500 Internal Server Error". Complete startup&sync log attached.
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See Also: → 980239
See Also: → 980776
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To guess, I'd say that ABP is triggering some edge-case of the protocol but the actual error is being masked by which turns it into a 5XX rather than a 4XX.  I'll try to reproduce locally.
Unable to reproduce so far, for me adblockplus syncs successfully on both stage and prod environments.

Johannes, do you have any particular settings/configuration of adblockplus that I might try to help reproduce?
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Oh, forgot to mention I'm using the latest AdblockPlus Development build.
Didn't try in a clean profile though. Will try that now to be sure nothings magically interfering...
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FWIW, reproduced on a clean local profile with the same sync account.
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Just checked, the latest development build should be the same as the latest release build according to the ABP dev changelog. Therefore, downloaded the stable 2.5.1 build and got the same error. Checked all modified config entries regarding adblock and sync but found nothing particularly interesting.

One thing I could think of not being very common is Fanboys Ultimate Filter list which weights more than 1MB, but I would think just the link would be synced and not the content:

I'll also attach a .txt with a list of my ABP Filters and a list of preferences from prefs.js containing "adblock" or "sync".
Linking server-side deployment bug; I'm hoping this update will turn the 500 error into something a little more useful.
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The server deploy is complete and we fixed some corrupt data in the "collections" table (which is what seemed to be causing the 500 error).  Can you please try syncing adblockplus again?
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I can confirm adblockplus sync works now. Thanks for the quick fix.
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Switching to RESOLVED/FIXED because this was a legitimate bug.  Thanks for the report and your patience!
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