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If a webpage is not loading due to connectivity issues, even after connectivity returns, connections to that host will be unavailable for a period


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Windows 8.1
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Steps to reproduce:

While connected to a wireless router, but when Internet connectivity is unavailable, navigate to Firefox will show the spinner as it futilely attempts to load the page.

Then, restore Internet connectivity, and observe that Firefox is still displaying the spinner. Select the address bar, hit enter, and observe that this has no effect.

Finally, open a new tab and attempt to load either or any other address on the domain.

Actual results:

The existing tab and the new tab both continue to display loading spinners, as if Internet connectivity is still unavailable. Opening a new tab and attempting to load the same site does not cause Firefox to make any attempt to actually try connecting to that host again.

While Firefox refuses to attempt to send further connection attempts to that host, the fact that this is a Firefox-specific problem can be verified by opening another browser, which will immediately connect to the host as connectivity is actually present.

Expected results:

When Internet connectivity resumes, hitting enter on the existing attempt that is only showing a spinner should send another attempt to connect to that host. Attempting a new connection to that host should send another attempt to connect to that host.
Component: General → Networking
this will be handled as part of 939318
Closed: 10 years ago
Resolution: --- → DUPLICATE
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