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Move allocator for optimized Baseline stubs from JitCompartment to JitZone


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Every compartment with Baseline code has a LifoAlloc (with 4K default chunk size) for optimized stubs.

Although this allocator is purged on every code-discarding-GC, it'd be nice to move it from compartment to zone (as every allocator will have a chunk with some unused space, and there's also the size of the LifoAlloc itself).
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This patch adds JitZone (like JitCompartment and JitRuntime), and moves the allocator to it.

~AutoDebugModeInvalidation only discards JIT code for some compartments, so we can no longer free the LifoAlloc there, but that should be okay as long as Zone::discardJitCode does this.

There's probably more stuff in JitCompartment that we can move to JitZone; I'll look into it.
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Looks good.

::: js/src/gc/Zone.h
@@ +18,5 @@
>  namespace js {
> +namespace jit {
> +    class JitZone;

Nit: I think we usually don't indent this case.

::: js/xpconnect/src/XPCJSRuntime.cpp
@@ +2076,5 @@
>      ZCREPORT_BYTES(cJSPathPrefix + NS_LITERAL_CSTRING("baseline/data"),
>          cStats.baselineData,
>          "The Baseline JIT's compilation data (BaselineScripts).");
> +    ZCREPORT_BYTES(cJSPathPrefix + NS_LITERAL_CSTRING("baseline/fallback-stubs"),

Is there a reason you moved the optimized stubs but kept the fallback stubs?
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(In reply to Nicholas Nethercote [:njn] from comment #2)
> Is there a reason you moved the optimized stubs but kept the fallback stubs?

The fallback stubs are allocated per BaselineScript, so we can't move them as easily.

We could add a per-Zone allocator for them (would be more memory-efficient), but then we can only purge it when there's no Baseline code for this Zone on the stack, so I'm not sure if that's better.
Oh and this was green on Linux x64 a few days ago:
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