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Upgrade to SQLite


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Another week, another SQLite release. Mak, unless you see something in the below that's "OMG WANT NOW!!1", I'm inclined to wait until after next week's uplift before doing anything with this. Especially given the recent propensity for bug fix releases days after the fact.


SQLite version 3.8.4 is a maintenance release featuring performance enhancements and fixes for a number of obscure bugs. There are no significant new features in SQLite version 3.8.4. However, the number of CPU cycles (measured by valgrind) needed to do many common operations has be reduced by about 12% relative to the previous release, and by about 25% relative to version 3.7.16 from approximately one year ago.

Version 3.8.4 of SQLite fixes several corner-case bugs that were found since the previous release. These bugs were unlikely to appear in practice, and none represent a security vulnerability. Nevertheless, developers are encouraged to upgrade from all prior releases.


SQLite Release 3.8.4 On 2014-03-10 (3.8.4)

* Code optimization and refactoring for improved performance.
* Add the ".clone" and ".save" commands to the command-line shell.
* Update the banner on the command-line shell to alert novice users when they are using an ephemeral in-memory database.
* Fix editline support in the command-line shell.
* Add support for coverage testing of VDBE programs using the SQLITE_TESTCTRL_VDBE_COVERAGE verb of sqlite3_test_control().
* Update the _FILE_OFFSET_BITS macro so that builds work again on QNX.
* Change the datatype of SrcList.nSrc from type u8 to type int to work around an issue in the C compiler on AIX.
* Get extension loading working on Cygwin.
* Bug fix: Fix the char() SQL function so that it returns an empty string rather than an "out of memory" error when called with zero arguments.
* Bug fix: DISTINCT now recognizes that a zeroblob and a blob of all 0x00 bytes are the same thing. Ticket [fccbde530a]
* Bug fix: Compute the correct answer for queries that contain an IS NOT NULL term in the WHERE clause and also contain an OR term in the WHERE clause and are compiled with SQLITE_ENABLE_STAT4. Ticket [4c86b126f2]
* Bug fix: Make sure "rowid" columns are correctly resolved in joins between normal tables and WITHOUT ROWID tables. Ticket [c34d0557f7]
* Bug fix: Make sure the same temporary registers are not used in concurrent co-routines used to implement compound SELECT statements containing ORDER BY clauses, as such use can lead to incorrect answers. Ticket [8c63ff0eca]
* Bug fix: Ensure that "ORDER BY random()" clauses do not get optimized out. Ticket [65bdeb9739]
* Bug fix: Repair a name-resolution error that can occur in sub-select statements contained within a TRIGGER. Ticket [4ef7e3cfca]
* Bug fix: Fix column default values expressions of the form "DEFAULT(-(-9223372036854775808))" so that they work correctly, initializing the column to a floating point value approximately equal to +9223372036854775808.0.
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Try push (on top of m-c rev 67485526e241 for talos comparisons):
I agree with you, I see some good perf fixes up there, but nothing we can't wait for a little while (we are not yet using "without rowid" so the fix doesn't affect us for now), so let's just slip this (or whatever there will be at that time) after the next merge.
And... SQLite just been released:
* Work around a C-preprocessor macro conflict that breaks the build for some configurations with Microsoft Visual Studio.
* When computing the cost of the skip-scan optimization, take into account the fact that multiple seeks are required.
lol, sure didn't see that coming! :P
Alias: SQLite3.8.4 → SQLite3.8.4.1
Summary: Upgrade to SQLite 3.8.4 → Upgrade to SQLite
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Upgrade to SQLite - Mozilla changes

OK, it's been almost a week now since was released, hopefully we're good here now :). Merge day is today and I'll make sure this isn't pushed until after trunk is officially on version 31.
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Upgrade to SQLite - Mozilla changes

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