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Replace ChatZilla faces motifs with system that uses a fingerprint ( such as gravatar ) system


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Steps to reproduce:

ChatZilla has two available motifs with "Faces" in the name.  (One is dark and the other is light.)  These cause cZ to display an image above each nick that matches a series of nicks in the motif.  Unfortunately, the matching system is very basic.  "Jan" seems to match "Jan\" even if "Jan\" is an unrelated account.  For that reason, I'd rather see something based on the /whois information which typically includes an IP address of some form.

I don't know if such a system would require some JavaScript or not.  I like the idea of something on a server where known users could upload an image and the typical mask or fingerprint for each network they appear on.  That would allow anyone to quickly associate an image with their typical nicks.

Actual results:

Images applied to nicks with the current Faces motif system is hapharzard at best.

Expected results:

cZ should have a way to apply an image to a given user regardless of where they're found or their current nick--but should never apply that image to other users.
gravatar is based on email address, and that is avail for registered users in irc, so avatar sounds not impossible. but we need hack the _display() function for it, not a pretty plugin feature....
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Summary: Replace ChatZilla faces motifs with system that uses a fingerprint system → Replace ChatZilla faces motifs with system that uses a fingerprint ( such as gravatar ) system
<Silver> I am pretty sure the e-mail of registered users is kept secret. :)

<Gijs>	 indeed

<hunboy> Silver, it depends on irc server setting. somewhere is avail (where registering requires email address also perhaps), but somewhere not. The question is: moznet users want to use gravatar at chat also. If yes, setting up email visible at ircd is possible. But that's a real problem to make "/msg nickserv info" for all of users.
<hunboy> This is ugly. The way - my mind goes on - patching the moznet ircd based on RFC to post encrypted email to the irc client. And we can accept somehow this value at CIRCUser object.
<hunboy> Silver, Gijs if you think it worths any effort tell me the contact person of moznet ircd codebase and I should ask needinfo? from him what is his opinion. If the patching is possible or not. If possible it can't be too difficult to append an <IMG> object to the message tree asdisplay:none as default.

<Gijs>   hunboy: I don't think moznet will default to leaking people's email addresses publicly :)

<hunboy> its not public, only encypted
<hunboy> in the same way as gravatar works
<hunboy> and BMO works currently with encypted mailaddress by gravatar provider

<Gijs>	 hunboy: sure, but email addresses are public on BMO
<Gijs>	 I think we would be uncomfortable requiring people using IRC to publicize an email addresses
<Gijs>	 s/sses/ss/
<Gijs>	 (and anyway, not everyone is even registered with nickserv)
<Gijs>	 hunboy: I think if you want gravatar support, a client-side user-configurable mapping would make more sense.

<hunboy> yup. I'm just thinking some automatic mechanism. Installing a list for all of users doesnt sound automatic. However good alternative way. But hacking _display() via plugin is hardcoded.
Because of the varied means in which you'd access the e-mail address and the restrictions, my concept was to have a server which would list the e-mail addresses for each possible fingerprint.  Those fingerprints would probably be the user's typical mask.
[19:14]	hunboy	WillPittenger, yes that's what i said md5 checksum based on email posted from server to CIRCUser object.
[19:15]	WillPittenger	Would the needs change when I switch to another network like Freenode?
[19:16]	hunboy	who knows? this is a new "under construction" concept.
[19:17]	but anyhow it requires ircd patch also to post fingerprint to client
	WillPittenger	That's why I was saying to base everything off of the user mask. Users would list one mask for each network.
[19:18]	It wouldn't require changes to the IRC servers.
[19:20]	hunboy	collect your ideas and comment the bug. btw usermask always changes when your ip or isp changes.
	WillPittenger	hunboy: Depends on if you have a cloak.
[19:21]	Peng	MD5 who to the what now?
[19:22]	WillPittenger
[19:25]	hunboy	if gravatar is getting to be more-more popular as goes on, this feature will be user requested by popularity. If someone likes this idea, should vote the bug.
[19:32]	i have some fast basic ideas how to implement, but i won't do anything until leader devs say okay. I don't want to make an other hardcoded plugin which one is incompatible to try-notification plugin and channel tree plugin. both of them are hardcoded already.
[19:35]	WillPittenger	hunboy: Voting only happens when people know about the bug. You didn't.
[19:41]	hunboy	yup
[19:42]	this is the reason i added gravatar keyword to subject. if someone interested for it can search "chazilla gravatar"
One wrinkle would be networks like EFNet that lack a NickServ.  In such cases, the user mask might be all you have to go on.  So for the various reasons mentioned, perhaps there should be multiple ways to associate a user with an image.
I just checked moznet, which as you know has a NickServ. In order for some unrelated user to have access to one's email address one needs both of the following (which is how I have them set at the moment):
* /msg NickServ set email
* /msg NickServ set hide email off
I don't know if the default is hidden or not but of course it is quite easy to toggle it. I suppose a significant percentage of IRC users hide their email address even if they have one defined.

This in contrast with Bugzilla, where every user's email-address-of-record is world-visible, making it easier to display a gravatar as BMO now does.
Correction: (Bugzilla address) s/world-visible/visible to all logged-in users/
I know that NickServ has one e-mail address they use to verify that you're a real user and not a bot.  I just checked what "/ns set email" does (with no e-mail address).  Nickserv stated the field can't be unset.  So I think everyone has the field you mentioned.  Other nickserv implementations probably do the same.
In reply to comment #8:
The IRC Services (NickServ, ChanServ, etc.) vary somewhat from one network to the next. The text displayed by the freenode NickServ in answer to "/msg NickServ help set email" is somewhat more explicit than the corresponding moznet NickServ's help text. It says among others that "the email address is used for password retrieval" and that "you may be required to confirm the new email address" (by obeying instructions sent to it by email).

OK, so you're right, NickServ has one email address per account. Of course it knows no details for unregistered nicks. I suppose that this is acceptable: if you want an avatar, register your nick. Using a gravatar, if we can make it work, also has the advantage that (registered) users could define their avatar themselves with no additional action needed to have it displayed in cZ's "faces" motifs.

Of course, as already mentioned in your comment #5, this wouldn't work on networks where there is no NickServ at all; but how sure can one be that "the same nick at different times" means "the same person" on such networks? Maybe it would be better not to display faces at all there. (And nowadays, with the popularity of Wifi, I suppose we can't even be sure that the same person will always log in from an IP address belonging to the same ISP, can we?)

The email address known by NickServ is common to all nicks "grouped" in one account (see "/msg NickServ help identify" and "/msg NickServ help group": the NickServ IDENTIFY and GROUP commands work somewhat differently at moznet and at freenode but both networks use them). IMHO having a single gravatar for all nicks of an account isn't a problem since several nicks sharing all that NickServ shows in answer to its INFO command (and, at moznet, to its "INFO mynickname ALL" command when looking at your own data) would normally belong to a single user — e.g. someone using more than one IRC client in parallel, or changing nicks to indicate AFK status, etc.
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