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Enable the user to specify RSVP expectation when inviting an attendee


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The attendee dialog currently allows the user to specify/change the role and the user type of an attendee but not whether a response to the invitation is expected or not (rsvp). This would enable adding "fyi" functionallity as cc/bcc does in email.

The UI enables the specification of role and type by toggling the two icons left of the attendee list field. Maybe we can add a third icon or find another smart control (rsvp can be either true or false).
@Richard: what do you think about how this can be implemented from the UI perspective?
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That's not easy. Maybe this icons could work. It's TB's reply icon in the message list but turned vertically. I think this could work as the reply icon can stand for response (reply) needed.

The left (inactive) part is for RSVP not required and the right for required. And I think a tooltip is needed here saying something like "Response required" or "Response not required" like the role already have (and I think the type should also become a tooltip to make things clearer).
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Thank you. So you suggest to use an icon?

Meanwhile, I also thought about a checkbox (with checked as default value and a check/unchek all option), because for RSVP we have only two possible values, whereas type and role may four.

The downside of both approaches would be a more clutterd UI, but I see no smarter way to get this in.
I choosed a icon because a checkbox needs a label or more exclamation for the function of it which is using more space in the row.

But it's up to you. If you have already a solution in your mind, then try it. Maybe it work as you thought.
RSVP is a hard nut from a UI standpoint. It has two values, but the default (FALSE, optional) does not necessarily mean that the attendee should not reply. My initial though was to use the reply icon with a green checkmark and a red X, but if you see a reply icon with a red X, you'd think the attendee shouldn't reply at all, which is not the truth.

The attendee dialog is getting more and more crammed, maybe its time to use a completely different UI. A first idea I had on that would be to remote all the icons on the left side and replace that with a simple icon with the PARTSTAT. Then, add an arrow icon on the right side ( > ) that opens a menu on the right of the row, where you can set CUTYPE, RSVP or ROLE. Another alternative is to have the selected row expand to double height when selected and add icons in that row. I think some people don't even know they can click on those icons though since they have no hover state.

I don't know if :andreasn is still available, but maybe he can give us some short feedback on these proposals, and possibly a new idea?
Andreas, if you are taking a look, here is a screenshot of the current dialog, for convenience.
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I have filed bug 1197623 to consolidate the icons. This may provide space to add an checkbox next to the icon. (I think this is also the way, Outlook deals with that).

For incoming invitations, Rsvp is mainly interesting for the direct recipient of an invitation. So the Rsvp request can also be hightlighted by appending it to the ImipBar text.
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