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Make it more clear that an app is missing content ratings


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On the My Submissions page, there is a tiny red X next to the Content Ratings link for apps that don't have a rating yet.  To make it more clear to developers which apps need to be rated, this X should be changed to "rating needed" or something similar.
How important is this?  What should it look like?  

I know we're running the email campaigns for this - when do those end?
The Red X on an action nav bar could be clearer as to what that means. I think it would help to be blunt about the missing info otherwise it doesn't cry out for action.   A red "incomplete" or something to that affect would be useful to highlight the area and could help compliance.

The email campaign will be extended since there is about 70% compliance and we wish to increase it, though we are seeing diminishing action now on emails. So a more direct effort to reach out to developers with popular apps will now take place.

I think it is not of high importance but a nice-to-have (P3 - enhancement).  Though seems like a minor enhancement.
I agree with everything in Comment 2 except for one thing: we have NOT yet planned to extend the deadline.  With campaigns like this, it's normal to see a drop-off during the middle -- the majority of responses will happen at the beginning and then the slackers will wait as long as they can get away with.  We'll make the call to extend or not after we get the weekly IARC report on April 11.

Next email is currently scheduled to go out Friday March 21, but we can push it back a week if that gives you time to get this change in.
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Kevin volunteered to help out here
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It will just say in bold "You must get content ratings by April 15th or your app will be disabled" like it does for public apps.
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I think this is different than what I'm requesting.  If ratings are incomplete, there's a tiny red X next to that app on the Manage My Apps page.  If complete, it shows a tiny green checkmark.  What I want is to change the X next to unrated apps to instead say "incomplete."

What I'm talking about is shown in the attached screenshot, and is possibly this line of code:
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I think the yellow warning sign + bold message + red X is enough. We don't really have much space to stick in another word.
Ahh ok, I see now.  Yes, this is good.  Thanks!!
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