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[B2G] DSDS emulator support


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We have emulator for DSDA, not DSDS, support now though functionalities are not 100% completed. When both SIMs are stand-by, DSDS and DSDA look the same. But their behavior differs when one SIM is in-use. For example, in DSDS, only is one SIM able to be in-use at the same time, while in DSDA both could be used.

Bug 984919 tries to add a test case for a DSDS scenario. However, we only have a DSDA emulator for now. That bug is guarding from some illegal behavior in terms of DSDS on gecko, so the test case could pass even based on the current DSDA emulator. It seems fine for now because our gecko code considers only DSDS. However I am wondering if we should think further that we will handle both DSDS and DSDA on gecko and at that time we will need individual emulators. Also, bug 984919 is a case that we could somehow test on DSDA emulator, but is there another that couldn't be?

I am opening this bug to discuss the need and solution to DSDS emulator if needed.
Blocks: b2g-emulator
How about binding two or multiple modem instances into a group?  We can have a new console command `modem bind <other>` that adds two modems into a group, and then we intercept actions that are affected in DSDS mode and handle them accordingly.
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Firefox OS is not being worked on
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