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Update libjpeg-turbo to version 1.3.1


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+++ This bug was initially created as a clone of Bug #876216 +++

Not a ton of interesting stuff here, but #4 looks relevant. Also not sure what the timeline is for mozjpeg, but taking this in the meantime probably won't be a ton of effort.

Significant changes since 1.3.0

[1] On Un*x systems, 'make install' now installs the libjpeg-turbo libraries
into /opt/libjpeg-turbo/lib32 by default on any 32-bit system, not just x86,
and into /opt/libjpeg-turbo/lib64 by default on any 64-bit system, not just
x86-64.  You can override this by overriding either the 'prefix' or 'libdir'
configure variables.

[2] The Windows installer now places a copy of the TurboJPEG DLLs in the same
directory as the rest of the libjpeg-turbo binaries.  This was mainly done
to support TurboVNC 1.3, which bundles the DLLs in its Windows installation.
When using a 32-bit version of CMake on 64-bit Windows, it is impossible to
access the c:\WINDOWS\system32 directory, which made it impossible for the
TurboVNC build scripts to bundle the 64-bit TurboJPEG DLL.

[3] Fixed a bug whereby attempting to encode a progressive JPEG with arithmetic entropy coding (by passing arguments of -progressive -arithmetic to cjpeg or jpegtran, for instance) would result in an error, "Requested feature was omitted at compile time".

[4] Fixed a couple of issues whereby malformed JPEG images would cause libjpeg-turbo to use uninitialized memory during decompression.

[5] Fixed an error ("Buffer passed to JPEG library is too small") that occurred when calling the TurboJPEG YUV encoding function with a very small (< 5x5) source image, and added a unit test to check for this error.

[6] The Java classes should now build properly under Visual Studio 2010 and

[7] Fixed an issue that prevented SRPMs generated using the in-tree packaging
tools from being rebuilt on certain newer Linux distributions.

[8] Numerous minor fixes to eliminate compilation and build/packaging system
warnings, fix cosmetic issues, improve documentation clarity, and other general source cleanup.
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Update libjpeg-turbo to version 1.3.1

Green on Try. Looking for a rubber stamp from whoever's feeling up to it first :)
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Update libjpeg-turbo to version 1.3.1

Jeff, Josh says you're all over rubberstampings like these!
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