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mach mochitest commands should pass TestManifest into mochitest runner


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THe mach mochitest commands should be passing a TestManifest instance into the mochitest Python runner like the xpcshell do.

Will have a patch up in a moment.
The mochitest mach commands now consult the all-tests.json file for
resolving the test argument/path. The mochitest runner has been modified
to accept a manifestdestiny.TestManifest instance instead of a path to a
manifest file. The mach commands construct an in-memory TestManifest and
pass it to the mochitest runner.

While I was here, I cleaned up some old JSON serializing code.
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Forgot to remove some now-irrelevant code.
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Run mochitests from manifests with mach

Ted is at a work week and I don't like lingering reviews :)
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I learned that this patch may help the Addon Manager people run their bc tests that have multiple configurations from separate manifests!

However, when I learned of the existence of these multiple variations, I realized that this patch isn't complete.

While the in-memory manifest generated by mach and passed to the mochitest runner contains multiple instances of tests in toolkit/mozapps/extensions, the mochitest runner only runs each test once. I could try fixing that, but that would be more involved as it would change how tests are passed from Python to the browser (I /think/). I'm not familiar with how all this stuff works. I'm inclined to punt it to a follow-up or at least a part 2.
Looks like the multiple configs issue is with the manifest parser not knowing about install-to-subdir. See bug 977275 for the hack that is install-to-subdir. Essentially, we need to make the mochitest runner manifest aware all the way down. At that point, we can kill install-to-subdir. I believe that's the domain of bug 984670 though.
This is a gross hack but it makes both variants of the Addon Manager
tests runnable via mach.
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