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Object property undefined inconsistency :o


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Steps to reproduce:

I have this JS code somewhere in my app:

if(!obs[s] || !obs[s][w]) return false;

I didn't do some esoteric JS things. obs is a standard plain object with no prototype or accessors, that looks like {"5":{}, "6":{}, "7":{} ...} ; s is a standard Number with a value of 4 (and also w).

Actual results:

That raises the exception:

TypeError: obs[s] is undefined

Expected results:

No exception... I guess ;)

Note that with Firebug "Script" pannel opened, the error does not raise. Like if the introspection process of Firebug fixed the bug (this is the first time I see Firebug fixing a Firefox bug :p - a firebug contributor points out the JIT compiler).

There is much more info on the former issue on Firebug bugtracker :

I'm on FF 27.0.1 canonical build for Ubuntu 12.0.4 but FYI this bug is reproducible using FF 28.0 on Ubuntu 13.10, but not on FF 27.0.1 on Windows 7
Component: Untriaged → JavaScript Engine: JIT
Product: Firefox → Core
Pierre, this is hard to do anything about this bug without having access to the exact JS causing the problem.  Is there a link to a page that does that, or can you attach the relevant HTML/JS to this bug report using ?
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Attached file The original code
Look for "// firefox bug" comments in src/game.js:555 and invert them. Then run (like 4-5 times if needed) the game, to make it fail:

TypeError: obs[s] is undefined
if(!obs[s][w]) return false;
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I don't have time to look into this this week. The TypeError mentioned in comment 0 on this line:

    if(!obs[s] || !obs[s][w]) return false;

Vaguely reminded me of bug 953164. That one didn't land before Firefox 30 and this is in 27, but maybe it's similar code. Hannes needinfo from you because of this, but feel free to reassign if it's something else.
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This looks a lot like bug 991457, FWIW. Pretty sure it's the same bug, would be great if somebody could verify this.
I thought the same, when I saw the review request. I'm currently verifying it.
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Closed: 6 years ago
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Duplicate of bug: 991457
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