Need a way to check expiration/modification status of a cache entry




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Session History and docshell can make use of convinience routines in cache
component that will accept either a url or cacheToken or preferably cacheKey and
provide information on whether the entry is expired or modified from last access
etc... This is required to handle back/forward and reload operations on a page
that has expired. Currently docshell is performing the long steps required to
figure these. A convinience routine would be useful, since I find more usage for
this feature.


17 years ago
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17 years ago
will try to get this in for mozilla1.0
Target Milestone: mozilla0.9.7 → mozilla0.9.9
I'm replicating a whole lot of logic in ftp for bug 103726

For example, I can't ask if the entry is expired, I have to grab the expiration
time and check manually, since I'm not using DoomEntriesIfExpired (does anyone,
given the presense of READ_FROM_CACHE?) For once per session support, I have to
keep arround the sessoin start time, as does http.

What are the chances of moving some of this logic into the cache backend?

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17 years ago
Bradley, I don't believe this bug is for adding convenience functions to the
cache service, but rather http.  Http hands out cacheTokens or cacheKeys to its
clients so they have access to the original source.  These clients sometimes
need to know if the original source has expired (though I don't really know what
this might mean for a cacheKey since it doesn't "pin" and entry in the cache).

Last I checked, FTP used DoomEntriesIfExpired...

Just how much code does it take for you to compare the expiration date against
your request time?  I wouldn't have thought it "a whole lot of logic".  Or are
there other convenience routines you would like to see?  Perhaps you could list
them.  If they are convenience routines to be added to the cache service,
perhaps we should open a new bug.

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17 years ago
-> 1.0
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