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Add debug mode for detailed inspection of Sync


(Testing Graveyard :: TPS, defect)

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(firefox29 affected, firefox30 fixed, firefox31 fixed)

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On bug 986190 Mark gave me some preferences to set if you want to get detailed information about sync actions. We should make those available via a debug mode of tps, which could be set with a --debug CLI option.

Here the prefs to set:
pref("services.sync.log.appender.console", "Warn");
pref("services.sync.log.appender.dump", "Error");
pref("services.sync.log.appender.file.level", "Trace");
pref("services.sync.log.rootLogger", "Debug");
pref("services.sync.log.logger.addonutils", "Debug");
pref("services.sync.log.logger.declined", "Debug");
pref("services.sync.log.logger.service.main", "Debug");
pref("services.sync.log.logger.status", "Debug");
pref("services.sync.log.logger.authenticator", "Debug");
pref("", "Debug");
pref("services.sync.log.logger.service.jpakeclient", "Debug");
pref("services.sync.log.logger.engine.bookmarks", "Debug");
pref("services.sync.log.logger.engine.clients", "Debug");
pref("services.sync.log.logger.engine.forms", "Debug");
pref("services.sync.log.logger.engine.history", "Debug");
pref("services.sync.log.logger.engine.passwords", "Debug");
pref("services.sync.log.logger.engine.prefs", "Debug");
pref("services.sync.log.logger.engine.tabs", "Debug");
pref("services.sync.log.logger.engine.addons", "Debug");
pref("services.sync.log.logger.engine.apps", "Debug");
pref("services.sync.log.logger.identity", "Debug");
pref("services.sync.log.logger.userapi", "Debug");
pref("services.sync.log.appender.file.logOnSuccess", true);
Oh, what i missed is that all of those prefs should be set set to 'Trace'. Chris, is that correct? I asked because I don't really see a difference between Debug and Trace, when I run tps.
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Please drop my last question. Not sure why but something was badly cached locally. When I switched the tps test to execute, I get the full trace now.
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Debug mode v1

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