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Styling for menu buttons (type=menu-button) in Menu Panel is messed up in Firefox 29.0 Beta 3


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Steps to reproduce:

Started Firefox 29.0 Beta 3 and opened Menu Panel.

Actual results:

The styling of menu buttons (type=menu-button) in the Menu Panel is messed up.  This affects both of my add-ons (Print Edit and Tile Tabs) that use this type of menu button.  Please see attached screen shot.

In Firefox 29.0 Beta 1 and Aurora 30 and Nightly 31, these buttons are styled correctly.

Expected results:

The styling should remain as it was in Firefox 29.0 Beta 1.
Attachment #8398905 - Attachment description: Incorrect styling of menu buttons (e.g. Print Edit) → Incorrect styling of menu buttons in Menu Panel (e.g. Print Edit)
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I am pleased to report that this is NOT a bug in Firefox 29.0 Beta 3.

The problem is caused by the 'KeeFox' add-on applying an insufficiently specific CSS rule to its menu buttons.

I will contact the KeeFox add-on developers to ask them to resolve this issue.
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It's possible Firefox's rule was overly specific so please let us know if that's the case. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess it involves :not(#…).
KeeFox's offending rule is at line 58 in keefox.css :

	-moz-box-orient: horizontal !important;
	padding: 0px 3px !important;

As written, this rule will apply to all menu buttons in all add-ons in all locations (toolbar, menu panel, etc), and needs to be made specific to the KeeFox menu buttons.
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