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On start-up Instantbird only restores one conversation on hold


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At work I regularly monitor multiple chat rooms. When I remember I use the "put conversation on hold" feature for chat rooms before I reboot my computer, but only one gets restored on start-up.

Steps to reproduce:
* Open two IRC chat rooms.
* Use "put conversation on hold" on both chat rooms.
* Restart Instantbird.
Putting conversation on hold doesn't affect which channels will be joined after a restart.
After a restart Instantbird will join the channels in the "Auto-Joined Channels" list (available in the options of your IRC account in the account manager). If there's only one of those two channels on hold in the auto-join list, then only this one will be rejoined.

Does the described situation that match your setup? If yes, then there's no bug, if not, we'll need to collect more information from the error console + the debug log of the account (copy it using the context menu of the account in the account manager). Thanks for your help!
Sorry, it appears I knew about the auto-join feature at one point but forgot about it before I started monitoring other chats.

The features are somewhat muddled as the Auto-Joined Channels show up on the "Conversations on hold" list when  you restart.

I'd consider adding "implement a 'put on hold and auto-join' option for the tab contest menu" to my future projects list, but my need to monitor multiple chat rooms is highly correlated with nothing coming off my future projects list.
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It sounds like many of the ideas you want are incorporated in bug 953750.
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