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Canvas2D: failed assertion "contains_inclusive(*devBounds, pts[0])"


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user_pref("", "skia");
user_pref("", true);

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The current test case isn't crashing for me, but this is still a crasher when running mochitests.

Just an update, this code was rewritten upstream in
We'd get some crashes with skia content on OS X such as:

This was because, on OS X, we have accelerated Skia for canvas rendering and unaccelerated Skia for content rendering. When we call CanvasRenderingContext2D::DrawWindow, we'd use the accelerated Skia backend to render content for the snapshot, but we don't really support accelerated Skia content at the moment. The accelerated Skia backend would render an nsBulletFrame, we'd go down the GPU path, and the assertion would trigger as one of the points for the convex path would be off by 0.000001 and thus the assert would trigger, thinking that not all points are convex on the path. 

I still haven't tracked down where exactly we lose the precision, but rendering a bullet point only in accelerated skia works, rendering a bullet point in only unaccelerated skia works, but not mixing the two. I might still try to track it down, but either way, it seems like we shouldn't try to render a document with accelerated skia as it's unsupported.
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Force software skin backend when calling CanvasRenderingContext2D

Review of attachment 8682267 [details] [diff] [review]:

It would probably be better for SupportsAzureContentForDrawTarget to return false in this case. Probably doesn't matter that much though...
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Carrying r+, moved to SupportsAzureContentForDrawTarget.

Successful try:
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