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imported outlook event ignoring DAYLIGHT in VTIMEZONE


(Calendar :: Import and Export, defect)

Lightning 2.6.4
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Steps to reproduce:

A colleague running Outlook in London wants to schedule an event for 2014-04-03 5pm BST.  She sends me the attached VEVENT.  It has a DTSTART of:
DTSTART;TZID=GMT Standard Time:20140403T170000

The VEVENT defines the VTIMEZONE for "GMT Standard Time" as having a DAYLIGHT TZOFFSETTO on that day as +0100.  Thus, the start time of this event should be interpreted as GMT+1.  The event as defined starts at 1600 GMT.

My local machine is on Pacific Daylight Time (GMT - 7).

Actual results:

Actual results:  imported event is presented at 10:00AM (PDT).

Expected results:

Expected results:  imported event should be presented at 9:00AM (PDT).
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