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Deprecate tinderbox-builds/old directories for desktop & mobile


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Long ago, on a disk filer far far away, we ran out of space for firefox/tinderbox-builds and resorted to cm-ixstore01 to keep older builds (firefox/tinderbox-builds/old). At some point mobile/tinderbox-builds had the same problem.

We have now built a new death star^W^W filer setup with more space, bug 988288, and this is no longer true. We can stop copying around several hundred GB/day over NFS.
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gcox and I are going to move all the content in 
up a directory.

This is the first step:
* stop moving data into old/, but keep expiring data in old/ which is older than 30 days
* add a find to expire data in */tinderbox-builds/, so it doesn't grow without bounds. This won't do anything for nearly a month but better to not forget to add it. It should interact fine with other crons we already have.

Eventually the call to will go away completely, leaving just the three finds I added here.
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[svn] Step 1


BTW, xargs rm -rf has been always scary to me. Would it better to add -print0 to find commands and -0 to xargs?
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[svn] Step 1

Committed revision 85731.

I'll write another patch to convert all our usage of find+xargs+rm to -print0.
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Proceeding as we planned:

Wed Apr 16 13:58:15 PDT 2014
    1G-blocks  Used Available Use% Mounted on
-   9500G     2160G     7341G  23% /mnt/netapp/stage/
-   7168G     4515G     2654G  63% /mnt/netapp/stage/

gcox, feel free to chop old/ down to 5T in size, it won't be going up again.
I've been whittling on the 3 old's already (firefox-old was 9t a week ago).  :)
I've left myself a note to watch them, but thanks for the doublecheck.
gcox, the three old dirs are empty now, feel free to drop the axe on them. I'll go ahead with cleaning up our cron jobs.
Attached patch [svn] Step 2Splinter Review
Removes no longer needed from svn, stop calling it in cron, remove reference in puppet. I'll ask gcox to remove the from manually on upload-cron rather than ensure => absent in puppet.
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Attached patch [svn] -print0 and cleanup (obsolete) — Splinter Review
* find -print0 | xargs -0 rm -rf for xrbld and ffxbld
* consolidate firefox+mobile+b2g tinderbox-builds cleanup to one job, daily
* drops the non-android handling for mobile, we only have android now
* adds mobile/tinderbox-builds/*-l10n cleaning to match firefox
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[svn] -print0 and cleanup

Review of attachment 8423599 [details] [diff] [review]:

Unsolicited nitpick feedback:
xrbld cron, there's a trailing slash in the path of the find statement, ala bug 992680.  While xulrunner doesn't have a submount to cause problems today, it's not doing you any favors, so maybe kill it?
> gcox, the three old dirs are empty now, feel free to drop the axe on them.
> I'll go ahead with cleaning up our cron jobs.

I'll hold until you're committed.  When I unmount, you'll 'lose' the "old" directories from the tree, and I don't want those jobs to start screaming.  Particularly on a Friday.  :)
Good point. This cleans up trailing slashes (all crontabs), fixes a mistaken '-print 0' in xrbld.
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[svn] Step 2

Deleting       files/bin/
Sending        files/cron/ffxbld
Sending        manifests/upload_cron.pp
Transmitting file data ..
Committed revision 87635.
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[svn] -print0 and cleanup, v2

Sending        files/cron/b2gbld
Sending        files/cron/b2gtry
Sending        files/cron/ffxbld
Sending        files/cron/xrbld
Transmitting file data ....
Committed revision 87636.
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gcox, over to you. Could you please remove upload-cron:/usr/local/bin/
Assignee: nthomas → gcox
Removed shell script from upload-cron as requested.
unmounted the three 'old' volumes (client-side and filer-side).

Pausing here a couple of days before doing final cleanup of the lingering volume husks.
'old' vols destroyed.  That should do it.
Thanks for all the reworking and cleanup!
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Yes, we keep 24 weeks of tinderbox builds on

The domain is slightly misleading, as we keep firefox and mobile builds from all branches. That will be fixed up at some point but the url will keep working.
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