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Investigate why browser_989289_force_icons_mode_attribute.js leaks on Aurora


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The test has been disabled on Aurora:

Due to to leaks like this:

TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | chrome://mochitests/content/browser/browser/components/sessionstore/test/browser_635418.js | leaked until shutdown [nsGlobalWindow #7109 chrome://browser/content/tabview.html]
TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | browser/components/sessionstore/test/browser_635418.js | leaked 2 window(s) until shutdown [url = chrome://browser/content/tabview.html]
I can reproduce this locally and I'm pretty sure this is caused by browser_635418.js creating the TabView window and browser_tabview_bug626455.js "leaking" it as that is the last test before shutdown and it doesn't clean up properly.

Aurora try push:
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Well, this fixes the leak for sure and the code additions are good. Can you explain why this manifests on Aurora and not fx-team, for example?
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(In reply to Mike de Boer [:mikedeboer] from comment #3)
> Can you
> explain why this manifests on Aurora and not fx-team, for example?

mconley added a new test to Aurora that changed the set of chunks we run mochitest-bc1,2,3 in. Now that browser_tabview_bug626455.js was the last of the bc1 chunk it accused other test of leaking by not cleaning up properly. The leak detection mechanism sees that browser_635418.js creates Panorama's nsGlobalWindow and if that doesn't go away on shutdown then it assumes the test leaks.
It doesn't leak on fx-team because we have different sets of m-bc chunks there. Fun.
FWIW, this can land on Aurora a=test-only once it's green on trunk.

Also, is anybody auditing other tests for similar issues? I'm afraid we're going to be one chunking change away from hitting this scenario again in the future, and I'm sure people have cribbed old tests when writing new ones.
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