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make desktop client pull and build without needing to hand-hack other repos & symlinks


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User Story

Things to consider:

- When moving loop-client to m-c, is it easy to get l10n for the web part "free"?
- What's the shipping model for the web pages, does this force loop-client to be separate?


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Once we've gotten all the necessary signoffs to make the shared tests and code in loop-client public, we'll need to make the desktop build with loop enabled "Just Work" before we can actually have a candidate for merging into mozilla-central proper.

At the very least, this means that anyone using hg should be able to pull, build, and submit patches to the desktop client without having to go through any more process than they do today.
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Probably 1 day of work, but 3 days of discussion.
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After discussion with Mark, and doing a bunch of think about localization, testing, and deployment questions, we've come to the conclusion that we're going to want to list out and prioritize the various constraints we're trying to satisfy with the new layout.  Mark said he was start an Etherpad on this tomorrow...
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This is currently blocked by 3rd party negotiations and agreements.  When they are resolved, this work can move forward.  Dan had been driving this and will likely continue (along with Standard8) once 3rd party negotiations have completed.
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User Story: (updated)
Stealing as I'm now actively working on this.

The plan initially is to combine loop-client into the gecko/FF code, and then separate out the standalone (link clicker UI) parts later if necessary.

Hence we'll probably move the items in the user story into future bugs.
Assignee: dmose → standard8
Attached file Commands outline
This is the rough outline of the series of commands we need to use to merge to Elm. I'll attach the filemap.txt in a moment.

I've tested this locally and it seems to be working so far. There will be some additional work to get the standalone code up and running again, which I'll handle in follow-up patches.
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Attached file Loop-client to gecko-dev filemap (obsolete) —
The aim here is to get everything in approximately the right places, before the merges, and hence have a clean import of changesets.

Once we're in hg, further moves are easy to do.
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Attached patch Make standalone tests work (obsolete) — Splinter Review
This is a follow-up patch to get the standalone tests working and running in Marionette
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Commands outline

Looks good.  As you mentioned while we were going over it, it'll be important to be sure that gets added towards the end of this process somehow.
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As discussed, you may want to bring over the .gitignore into the standalone directory.
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Looks good so far; thanks for sorting through all this!
Updated for the .gitignore change.
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Updated to include the missing file.
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I believe this is enough to fix the standalone server - so that we can at least run unit tests from it. From what I can tell, it should fix it so you can make calls properly as well (this will need retesting once bug 976109 is landed).
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Fix the standalone server

Review of attachment 8430956 [details] [diff] [review]:

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This updates the readme file and removes the now redundant
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Rewrite readme; remove redundant

Review of attachment 8431101 [details] [diff] [review]:

r=dmose, with s/stanalone/standalone/
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This is now all "fixed" - gecko-dev and loop-client have been merged onto the elm branch.

Marking as fixed for tracking purposes. If we make changes to the structure of repos later, they will be filed as new bugs.
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Assuming verified -- needinfo me to request QA testing.
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