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[Meta] TaskTracer and Nephthys


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This the tracking bug of TaskTracer and Isis.

What is TaskTracer?

TaskTracer provides a way to trace the correlation between different tasks, across threads and processes. Unlike sampling based profilers, TaskTracer can tell you where a task is dispatched from, what it's original source was, how long it spent in the event queue, and how long it spent on execution.

Source Events are usually some kinds of I/O events we're interested in, such as touch events, timer events, network events, etc. When a source event is created, TaskTracer records the entire chain of Tasks and nsRunnables as they are dispatched to different threads and processes. It records latency, execution time, etc. for each Task and nsRunnable that chains back to the original source event.

What is Isis?

Isis is a super cool front-end tool of parsing and presenting data from TaskTracecr.
Depends on: 916409, 916410, 956620, 992454
Depends on: 908995
Attached file Wiki of TaskTracer
The Wiki page of TaskTracer and Isis
Attachment #8405147 - Attachment mime type: text/plain → text/html
The latest github repo of TaskTracer.
Attachment #8405151 - Attachment mime type: text/plain → text/html
The github repo of TaskTracer base on 1.3T.
The github repo of data converter.
Attached file Landing page of Isis
Landing page of Isis.
Depends on: 1000847
Depends on: 1062794
Depends on: 1064672
Depends on: 1064673
Depends on: 1074122
No longer depends on: 1064672
Depends on: 1064672
Depends on: 1074203
Depends on: 1076772
Depends on: 1084226
Depends on: 1089514
Depends on: 1091479
Summary: [Meta] TaskTracer and Isis → [Meta] TaskTracer and Nephthys
Depends on: 1100259
Depends on: 1098681
Depends on: 1104414
Depends on: 1111949
Depends on: 1111952
Depends on: 1113562
Alias: tasktracer
Depends on: 1117711
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Depends on: 1118209
Depends on: 1124972
Depends on: 1325526
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Depends on: 1319669
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