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Entering "h" in URL bar shows "http:/" or "https:/" as autocompletion


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Rather than completing a domain, I just see "http:/" or "https:/" when entering "h", which isn't very helpful. See screenshot.
Can reproduce in release, so doesn't look like a regression.
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Hi, I would like to take this up if it's okay.
Hi, I'm a bit unclear on what the expected behavior is in this case. For example, if the suggestion is, say,, should typing h just fill in the domain ( or the entire url (

Never mind, I found that autocomplete normally fills in segment by segment, so, it should be in the above case.
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Allow domain auto completion when entering "h" in url bar

I don't have time to tackle this right now; Brian?
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Allow domain auto completion when entering "h" in url bar

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Thanks! This could technically break for any results that have a "/" before the 9th character and don't begin with "http://" or "https://", but I can't think of any scenarios where this would actually happen.

::: mobile/android/base/home/
@@ +422,5 @@
>              // Does the completion match against the whole URL? This will match
>              // about: pages, as well as user input including "http://...".
>              if (url.startsWith(searchTerm)) {
> +                return uriSubstringUpToMatchedPath(url, 0,
> +                        searchLength > HTTPS_PREFIX_LENGTH ? searchLength : HTTPS_PREFIX_LENGTH);

Nit: Parens around (searchLength > HTTPS_PREFIX_LENGTH).
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This would only be applicable for about:.., http://..., ftp://.. and so on. If a slash (/) appears before the 9th character (can't imagine a real scenario), it would still auto complete till the segment that has the 9th character.
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Allow domain auto completion when entering "h" in url bar [Added parentheses]

Looks good, thanks again!

Are you familiar with the checkin-needed flag? If not: this is the way to get your patch landed after it's ready to go. You can add checkin-needed as a keyword in this bug (top of the page), and one of our volunteers will land it for you.
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Hey Brian, thanks a lot, I was hunting through the docs to see what the next step is supposed to be. :)
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Keywords: checkin-needed
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