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Webmaker users can push earned badges to their backpack


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Kate, can you determine the best way to move this forward?  Badges team are creating a backpack for badgekit, but we could also simply use existing backpack for proof of concept.
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Sorry Brett, what do you mean by the existing backpack? Where/what is that?
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This guy:
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Kate and I discussed, taking out of all hands MVP
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We're getting some feedback from users that they'd like to be able to push Web Literacy and Webmaker badges to their existing Mozilla badge backpacks. They're downloading the images, but when they upload they're getting an error that there's no metadata in them?
Thanks Doug. Do you know if anyone has filed bugs on
(In full this time) Thanks Doug. Do you know if anyone has filed bugs about the backpack issues and whether they're uploading them as PNGs? Thank you.
@Emily, Most folks don't file bugs at all ;)

As Doug said, we have folks in who wish they could push their badges to their badge backpacks. I've verified that downloading a Webmaker badge and uploading to the backpack results in an error "this image has no metatdata").

I think the bug is not on the backpack, but rather on the *new* webmaker badges? @Kate can we verify that the Webmaker badges do indeed have embedded metadata in the png?
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@Laura, understood. Was being optimistic that their complaints might have been filed, but it seems that there may be enough information to go off of here. @Kate, look forward to your thoughts. Thanks all.
The pngs do not currently have embedded metadata, as we chose not to prioritize pushing to the backpack as a feature.
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Actually, is this a feature of badgekit, or would it have to be implemented by us?
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If the PNGs don't have embedded metadata, then they're not Open Badges. That feels a bit odd given that the express purpose of BadgeKit is to provide an easy way to create badges with metadata baked in?

I propose that we 'upgrade' the existing Webmaker badges to include metadata, thus making them Open Badges. If they're being issued by BadgeKit, I'm not sure why this isn't already the case? Perhaps I don't understand what's really happening in the backend? 

Once we're issuing Open Badges, our community members would be able to show their Webmaker badges on sites other than This would have several benefits:

1. Provide a link from other websites to
2. Encourage the use of Webmaker contribution badges as 'digital currency' (jobs, etc.)
3. Support the Open Badges ecosystem

Eager to hear what Kate thinks about this?
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As quite a few people have requested this, :echristensen is going to help out with some first steps for this -- we're going to add a button that allows users to push badges to their backpacks.

This actually doesn't require us to bake an image -- which would require a user to download and upload the image again. We only need to send along an assertion to the backpack when the user clicks the button. 

I'll help out with some designs.
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Designs for sharing badges
This is excellent news! \o/

Have added a couple of comments to the redpen, Kate.
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* Now that this is resolved, we should communicate it to users. I'll file a ticket to communicate these various badges improvements and new features each week.
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