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Reduce stub installer install timeouts


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Windows 8.1



Firefox 31


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Approximately 1.5% of stub installer installs timeout during the install phase. We currently attempt to install for about 2 minutes (2 and a half minutes for Firefox 30) which is clearly not long enough for all cases. Also, we can't just extend the time due to not having anything to identify progress from the full installer to the stub installer.

I propose the following changes to fix this:

1. add a new 7-zip self-extracting archive command line option to specify the directory to extract to (I am fairly certain our current version doesn't have one).

2. extract the 7-zip self-extracting archive to a sub-directory of the install directory instead of launching it to install. These should be file moves so it will be fast since they should be on the same partition.

3. let the stub installer perform the installation of the files which is likely where the operations are timing out and launch the installer setup program to perform all of the other operations. It is necessary to launch the installer setup program since it will be the latest and greatest operations whereas the stub installer can be stale in that it won't necessarily contain all of the registry key adds, mods, deletes, shortcut changes, etc. This will also keep the stub installer size from increasing significantly.
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7-Zip self-extracting archive patch

Hey Tim, I'd like to get this landed before the remaining work so when I land the changes to the stub installer the downloaded full installer already has these changes. The newlines are not our usual format due to my wanting to keep them the same as the original source.
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7-Zip self-extracting archive patch

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Seems pretty straightforward
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As an update, 1.1% of stub installer installs end-up with an install_timeout error per
When looking at the install_time distribution a significant number of installs take over 120s:
Matt, can you please confirm the how the stub handles install_timeout currently (if install_time is over 120s do we throw install_timeout?).
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The timeout is 150 seconds for a new install and 165 seconds for a paveover (because there are additional steps for deleting files). It would be concerning if a lot of installs were falling into the range between 120 and those thresholds, but I don't see that happening in very many cases.
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