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[Australis] After update to Australis, separators and spaces are left in the interface


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If you have any spaces or separators placed on your toolbars, after updating to Australis, they are still left there. But if you remove them using the Customization page, it's impossible to get them back. Because spaces and separators are not in the selection of available elements for Australis UI, so the behavior is quite confusing. What I suggest is to remove them completely even if they are already placed on the users toolbar to ensure the Australis interface will be more consistent.

How to reproduce:
1) Let's have older/current Firefox installed.
2) Place some separator or space on the toolbar, e.g. next to the Awesome bar.
3) Download and install beta with Australis.
4) The separator is still on its position next to the Awesome bar.
5) Remove the separator.
6) It just vanishes after you drop it in the area for available elements on the customization page.
We've had this discussion in the past, and I think the decision to keep them for now was consciously and deliberately made (see some of the comments in bug 873501). I don't believe we think removing them makes sense, actually for reasons of breaking people's customizations / consistency with the previous version. Madhava?
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I agree, that leaving them on the toolbars has its point, but the best time to get rid of them is together with bringing Australis. Removing them two or three month after that, when the users get used to the new UI and expect it to be consistent, will be more invasive for them - another change.

Also the behavior in case the user already has some separators and spaces, but cannot add more of them, as well as to move them away equals to completely loose the ability to get them back, is quite inconsistent and confusing. So as separators and spaces stay in toolbars, they should IMHO stay also in the list of available elements. At least for those users with space or separator placed on any toolbar.
Intentional (ergo wontfix) per comment 1.
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