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tracking bug for build and release of Firefox and Fennec 30.0


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Attached patch [tools] Back to no whatsnew page (obsolete) — Splinter Review
The plan is to land this close to 30.0 starting, so that we keep it for any 29.0.x chemspills but remove it for 30.0. We're going back to no whatsnew page after an update now that we're post-Australis.

Zero context so that version bumps don't rot the patch.
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We'll probably need some snippet tweaking for special whatsnew page cases. See bug 1009893 for details.
Depends on: 1009893
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[tools] Back to no whatsnew page

We no longer need this patch, as the website folks want a whatsnew page for 30.0 to promote the new Sync. I have a patch on bug 1009893 which enhances the automation for this, and should land that before the 30.0 start.
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Compared to attachment 8389037 [details] this removes writeSettingsFile(), removes support for repacking completes, and always generates partials.
Attachment #8434029 - Attachment description: patcher and update verify configs for 30.0b9 -> 30.0 → patcher and update verify configs for 30.0b9 -> 30.0 build1
Clobbers checksums, so we can run twice and update properly the 2nd time.
bug 1021697 found and workaround applied (see build notes).
See Also: → 1021697
From lsblakk's email we want to change our throttling plan to 25% for one day, so here's the first step of that.
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[cvs] Throttle to 25%

$ cvs commit -m "Bug 996137 - tracking bug for build and release of Firefox and Fennec 30.0. p=nthomas,r=rail"
Checking in config-dist.php;
/cvsroot/mozilla/webtools/aus/xml/inc/config-dist.php,v  <--  config-dist.php
new revision: 1.300; previous revision: 1.299

$ cvs tag -F AUS2_PRODUCTION
T config-dist.php
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Depends on: 1023229
Closed: 6 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Depends on: 1025501
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[cvs] Unthrottle

new revision: 1.302; previous revision: 1.301

Moved AUS2_PRODUCTION tag to 1.302.
Attachment #8441618 - Flags: checked-in+
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