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Need a more robust way for defining mochitest subsuites


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As shown in bug 996003, it's currently possible for tests to slip through the cracks since the subsuite definition lives at the manifest level. It would be nice if we had a way to define the subsuite at a higher level so, for example, all tests found in browser/devtools can get that definition whether each manifest has the declaration or not.
I am not sure if there is a good solution here.  If browser/devtools/browser.ini had a bunch of include:manifest directives, we could make it work, but right now we just include all the directories in the master manifest.

I agree this is a problem in general, I just don't know the best solution.
Could a test manifest not just inherit any subsuite deinitions that were defined in a manifest found in a directory at a higher up level in the tree?

subsuite = devtools

# Unnecessary since inherits from the first manifest that specifies a subsuite, when traversing parent directories.
# subsuite = devtools
we don't have a concept of directories in the manifests, but we do have a hierarchy when it comes to the includes:


subsuite = devtools


In the above case all the includes in devtools would automatically be part of the subsuite devtools.
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