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'Holly' branding is still alive


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Pulling what looks like it should be a non-branded copy of moz-release from here:

Instead, it appears to be branded as 'Holly'. Indeed, this is reflected in the moz-release mxr:
Jeff, is this from a try push? Do you perhaps have these csets in your local tree? Do you know what '1b8f6597b67f90626a071ba48c29976134b9f213' refers to?

This is very confusing. Holly followed Australis, and Australis isn't even on mozilla-release yet, let alone that the branch dead-ended and has since been reset.
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Ok, I can clear things up.

Firefox 28 did have Holly merged in to it, because Australis wasn't ready to be merged to Mozilla-Aurora at the time. We failed to back out the Holly branding on Mozilla-Aurora, and didn't notice it until now because we never built Aurora (or mozilla-beta, or mozilla-release) with Nightly branding. But you found it!

So at this point, it's kind of a developer Easter Egg? Unintentional, but won't affect actual Release users, and probably doesn't warrant a mozilla-release uplift to fix it.
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Ok, thanks for taking a look!
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