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Remove nsICanvasRenderingContextInternal::Render


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This function heavily relies on Thebes, and we have GetSurfaceSnapshot as a Moz2D version already.
Assignee: nobody → matt.woodrow
This implements GetSurfaceSnapshot for WebGL and lets us indicate if the returned data is un-premultplied.
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The Moz2D UnpremultiplyDataSurface function here might conflict with your mutable data source surface changes.
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The comment in this file says it's meant to go away, so away it shall go.
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Apart from just converting to Moz2D, this also moves most of the complexity of dealing with unpremultiplied data out of SurfaceFromElement and into WebGL (the only place that uses it).
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Depends on: 996929
This code served a useful purpose when we had moz2d *and* thebes canvases, but now it's just a duplicate of SurfaceFromElement.
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Part 1: Improve GetSurfaceSnapshot

Review of attachment 8407312 [details] [diff] [review]:

::: content/canvas/public/nsICanvasRenderingContextInternal.h
@@ +93,5 @@
>    NS_IMETHOD GetThebesSurface(gfxASurface **surface) = 0;
>    // This gets an Azure SourceSurface for the canvas, this will be a snapshot
>    // of the canvas at the time it was called.
> +  virtual mozilla::TemporaryRef<mozilla::gfx::SourceSurface> GetSurfaceSnapshot(uint32_t aFlags = 0, bool* aPremultAlpha = nullptr) = 0;

We don't need a separate flag, right? If aPremultAlpha is null, then we say the result surface must be premultiplied, otherwise we allow it to be premultiplied or not and set *aPremultAlpha to indicate which.

::: content/canvas/src/WebGLContext.cpp
@@ +1423,5 @@
> +    dt->DrawSurface(source,
> +                    Rect(0, 0, mWidth, mHeight),
> +                    Rect(0, 0, mWidth, mHeight),
> +                    DrawSurfaceOptions(),
> +                    DrawOptions(1.0f, CompositionOp::OP_SOURCE));

We don't have any code for in-place vertical flipping of a gfxImageSurface? Too bad.
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sorry had to backout this changes for test failures like
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