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Arabic characters turn to "?" while scrolling


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Using Mozilla 0.9.4 on Linux, most of the Arabic characters in
<> will change to
"?" while scrolling through the document.

I didn't have this problem in Mozilla 0.9.3 on Linux.
worksforme, linux build 2001-09-14-08 trunk
I have this problem too although I know that my machine isn't set up correctly.
I'm using redhat 6.1 and installed the true type font "OldKurdweb.ttf". This
font is related to arabic but is not currently supported by Mozilla. 

I also have Iqraa.ttf  and PersWeb12.pcf sitting in my fonts directory but I
don't think X recognizes them.

Boris and Liam, what arabic font are you using? Which type of font? Truetype
or postscript? Which distribution and version of linux are you using?

Some of my problems are undoubtedly caused by using an unsupported font but
liam's problem seems related to mine.

- arabic pages are mostly question marks when the page is first laid out.
- resizing the fonts with Ctrl-plus often makes lots of words lay out
  as arabic instead of question marks.
- causing the text area to get redrawn often causes question marks to be
  drawn in arabic. (redraw by either scrolling the text area or covering
  the page with another window and then bringing the page to the foreground)
- selecting arabic text makes it be immediately redrawn as question marks.
- when repaiting, sometimes words lay out in arabic but then immediately 
  get redrawn as question marks.

This happens with both 0.9.4 and with more recent trunk builds.
Marking bug as new.
Ever confirmed: true
I'm using Mandrake 7.1. In Mozilla's font prefs, I have two choices for Arabic:
Microsoft Tahoma (TrueType) and mdk-helvetica (PCF). I get the turn-to-"?"
problem with either font selected for either Arabic or Unicode.

When the page is first laid out, I see Arabic, but scrolling makes the Arabic
characters turn to "?". If I select any of the "?" characters, then all
characters on that line (even those unselected) turn from "?" to the Arabic

Resizing the fonts with Ctrl-plus makes no difference for me.
Using RedHat 6.2 with MS fonts.  I have the following fonts that support Arabic
(all Unicode, as far as I know, and all work fine):

Microsoft Tahoma
Monotype Arial Unicode MS
Monotype Arial
Monotype Courier New
Monotype Times New Roman

I can give exact font names and all that if people wish...
Blocks: 115714
Does anybody still see this bug?
In Mozilla 1.1, I get '?' for almost all the Arabic characters on the sample
URL. (Scrolling doesn't change anything.) I'm still using the same OS for which
Mozilla 0.9.3 displayed the page correctly.
worksforme with redhat 7.3 and mozilla 1.1. I can scroll around and
resize fonts without problems.
? for Arabic characters in Mozilla 1.1 is an instance of bug 162593. Deleting
components/compreg.dat should fix the problem.
Deleting components/compreg.dat does not fix the problem for me.
liam, does the old screenshot still reflect what you're seeing? If not, can you
attach a new one?
The old screenshot doesn't quite reflect what I see in Mozilla 1.1 since more
Arabic characters were displaying in the old screenshot. In this new screenshot
using Mozilla 1.1, there are almost no Arabic characters displaying.
Component: Layout: BiDi Hebrew & Arabic → Layout: Text
QA Contact: zach → layout.fonts-and-text
Assignee: mozilla → nobody
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