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Middle mouse button opens two new windows from Link.



UI Design
17 years ago
14 years ago


(Reporter: Frank Hellmann, Assigned: Paul Chen)


Windows 98

Firefox Tracking Flags

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17 years ago
When using the third mouse button to Open Link in New Window it occasionally
opens two new Windows with the link in short succession.
I am not 100% positive on this but I think it happens if you Alt-Tab away from
the window before the Theme is drawn. (Hard to catch moment I'm on a fast machine)

Comment 1

17 years ago
please see http://www.mozilla.org/quality/bug-writing-guidelines.html for the
kinds of information we need in a bug report.  Thanks for your help in testing
Mozilla and reporting bugs.
Assignee: asa → pchen
Component: Browser-General → XP Apps
QA Contact: doronr → sairuh

Comment 2

17 years ago
Sorry about that...

Using Mozilla 0.9.4 on Win 98, Build ID 2001091303

No deterministic reproducability, but seen frequently on Mozillazine
(www.mozillazine.org) comments threads:
Simply go through the comments opening each one with middle mous button.
Eventually it will open two windows in short succesion with the link you just
clicked on.

This *seems* to happen always if you Alt-Tab away before the Theme is drawn, but
that's a hard to catch moment on a fast PC.But it happens without Alt-Tabin
back, too. (Just did when I opened the Bug-Writing Guidelines from Asa's Link)

Possibly related to some of the Instances reported in Bug 97067 comments.

Sorry for my inaccurate talk, I'm just a User.
Frank: As bug 97067 is now fixed, are you still seeing this bug with a more
recent build?
(as always, be sure to delete your old Mozilla directory before installing the
new one)
Summary: Middle mous button opens two new windows from Link. → Middle mouse button opens two new windows from Link.

Comment 4

17 years ago
Nope not seeing this with the current nightlies anymore.
I will test on a slower machine tomorrow.
Marking WFM per reporter's comment ("not seeing this with the current nightlies

Frank: If you see this on your slower machine tomorrow, please reopen this bug.
Last Resolved: 17 years ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME

Comment 6

17 years ago
I still see the Problem with 0.9.5 but it's become rather rare, unfortunately I
didn't get a chance to test it on a slow machine and probably wont for a couple
of days.
There is a comment in bug 97067 that that problem persists there, too.
Leaving as WFM for the moment until I get to test some more, though...
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if you think this particular bug is *still* an open issue, please make sure of
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a. that it's still a problem with ***recent trunk builds*** on the all
appropriate platform[s]

b. provide clear steps to reproduce (unless a good test case is already in the
bug report), making sure it pertains to the original problem (avoid morphing as
much as possible :)
Product: Core → Mozilla Application Suite
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