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[Tarako][email][meta] Email app with no accounts uses too much memory and gets other background apps killed (including apps that may have triggered email via activity, ex: camera/gallery/music/videos/browser)


(Firefox OS Graveyard :: Gaia::E-Mail, defect, P3)



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(Keywords: memory-footprint, meta, perf, Whiteboard: [c=memory p= s= u=tarako] [MemShrink:meta])

This is a root/meta bug to track the many bugs likely to be filed where the email app's memory usage with no configured accounts results in the death of background processes which may have been responsible for triggering the e-mail app.

The key common things for hanging buggs off of this:
- no accounts configured in email yet
- email is in the foreground and is resulting in the reaping of other apps

Note that it's almost impossible for the email app to address this problem on its own.  Only system fixes like bug 990353 can save us.

The use of blocks/depends on for this bug should be:
- blocks is for fallout from our memory usage (which is depends on in those bugs)
- depends is for bugs that if fixed could reduce our memory usage

Since using too much memory is a two-way street, it may make sense to leave around distinct bugs for all the possible apps that could be triggering email since they may use hugely different amounts of memory even if it's always the same workaround (window.close()!).  I'm not 100% sure what's best policy-wise...
Blocks: 998506
Keywords: footprint, perf
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See Also: → 989713
Keywords: meta
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Tarako is no more. I think this can be safely closed.
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