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Only display filename (not full path) of tests on browser-chrome TEST-PASS and TEST-INFO lines


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In bug 992485 there was an idea to reduce the output of b-c tests by not printing each test's full filepath on almost every line of the output. This was pretty simple to implement so I did some measurements and the savings are significant, at around 30%.

There was legitimate concern about this making it harder for sheriffs to identify random-orange on tbpl, so this patch will only cut the file path for TEST-PASS and TEST-INFO, meaning that any failure will still have the full path to be used on tbpl.

Here's the data measured in a Linux Opt run:

bc1:  4105886 -> 2855316 (bytes)
bc2:   691137 ->  524028
bc3:  7261316 -> 5349851
 dt: 14116442 -> 9618031

24.96MB -> 17.49MB
7.46MB savings (29.9%)

Each push triggers somewhere between 15 to 20 suites that run desktop b-c tests, so this can potentially save ~150MB per push.
An example run:

I'm throwing the patch out there in case people find this useful now or in the future. There are talks in bugs, e.g. bug 765224, of taking more complicated solutions (like not outputting each tested condition for successful tests), but this is a very simple measure which provides some nice savings right now.
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