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Implement recent bookmarks view in the bookmarks menu


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This is the implementation followup to bug 994901. We want to display the 10 most recent bookmarks inline instead of in a sub-menu.
Flags: firefox-backlog?
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Here's the mockup.
Flags: firefox-backlog? → firefox-backlog+
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After discussing w/ the UX team, we decided to move forward with this design.

• Exposed recent bookmarks in the menu & indent the title
• Move "unsorted bookmarks" below recent bookmarks and tags
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I hope there will be a hidden pref to disable the exposed recent bookmarks? It would be *very* annoying for me if not. I know what I do, so I also know where my bookmarks are and there are two things I don't want: a) longer mouse paths and b) scrolling to see all my bookmark folders… This _improvement_ will definitively reduce my productivity if it cannot be disabled. Please take these downsides into consideration, thanks.
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