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[AudioChannel] System app will receive "none" not one of audio channel types when playing audio in first time.


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Gonk (Firefox OS)
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2.0 S1 (9may)


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When an app tries to play audio with normal type, the system app may get two possible results from mozChromeEvent - "audio-channel-changed".

  A. Receive "none" first then "normal".
  B. Directly receive "normal".

The result A will be happened when playing first audio after system boot up.
After that, only result B will be received.
This will effect audio channel related testcases because we don't this test case will run on result A or B.

So we need to fix it.
Attached patch bug-999350-audiochannel-none-v1 (obsolete) — Splinter Review
The root cause is that
  a. initial values of AudioChannelService::mCurrentHigherChannel and mCurrentVisibleHigherChannel are INT32_MAX.
  b. the value indicates no audio channels there is -1.
  c. so the first current value will be different then -1 then "none" is fired.

The patch contains
  a. To change initial values of AudioChannelService::mCurrentHigherChannel and mCurrentVisibleHigherChannel to -1 not INT32_MAX.
  b. Add test case for mozChromeEvent - audio-channel-change/visible-audio-channel-change. 

And the rough idea is
  b1. Use SystemProxy.jsm to relay mozChromeEvent from parent to child process.
     (because mochitest run on emulator is on child process).

  b2. file_audio.html is another OOP process which is responsible for playing each types then stopping them one by one.

  b3. test_audioChannelChange.html tried to launch file_audio.html and control it's visible status so we can verify audio playing in the foreground or background or both.
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