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[meta] wakelock metabug


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(Reporter: alwu, Assigned: alwu)


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(Keywords: meta)

This is a metabug for tracking all media wakelock related issues.

[General rule]
When audio is playing no matter its tab is on foreground/background, Firefox would request a wakelock prevent computer going to sleep.
When video is playing and its tab is on foreground, Firefox would request a wakelock prevent screen going off.

[How to check wakelock]
Windows : powercfg -requests
MacOS : pmset -g assertions
Android : adb shell dumpsys power
Linux (ubuntu):

Depends on: 1665986
Depends on: 1665989
Depends on: 1667439

As w3c has defined the wakelock API, this topic can actually go beyond the media. I will use this to track all wakelock related issues and request.

Alias: media-wakelock → wakelock
Component: Audio/Video: Playback → DOM: Core & HTML
Depends on: 1054113
Summary: [meta] Media wakelock metabug → [meta] wakelock metabug
Depends on: 1427937
Depends on: 1510670
Depends on: 1194322
Depends on: 1671220
Depends on: 1589554
Depends on: 1645998
Depends on: 1679314
Depends on: 1682418
Depends on: 1684718
Depends on: 1679584
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