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As part of the process of archiving obsolete content on, we should set up a site at (or at another appropriate location) that contains all of the content from on a certain date.  For more details about the archiving plan, see the following wiki page and newsgroup discussion:
Do we want to CVS copy /www/mozilla-org/html to /www/mozilla-org/archive or something? I don't think we need two separate /www/mozilla-org instances, but maybe we do... :/
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The domain is already used to store old nightly builds. I think you should use a different domain for the website archive., maybe?
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> Do we want to CVS copy /www/mozilla-org/html to /www/mozilla-org/archive or
> something? I don't think we need two separate /www/mozilla-org instances, but
> maybe we do... :/

This was a dumb answer. Really, we should just tag everything as MOZILLA_ORG_SNAPSHOT_2007XXXX (or some such) and just pull that tag for the archive location. That way, we can modify the archive as needed (if somebody ever needs to be modified) while leaving it separate from the main trunk.
Yeah, creating a branch for it is the way to go probably.

I'd love to get the trunk onto a more modern build system too. ;)  The hack of a munge script it's got is great, but it's hard to manage and very few people understand it.

And Gavin is correct, the domain name is already taken.  However...  there is no content on outside of /pub/, and has no /pub/ directory...  so we could, in theory, combine them without any namespace conflicts...  I'm not sure how smart of an idea that is, and it may confuse people looking for nightly builds (unless the home page itself is done away with in favor of something that points at both, which probably isn't a bad idea)
If we don't want to use, some other possible names are or  I like since I think it would be nice to have this archive be a useful resource for people researching the beginnings of Mozilla and the early days of open source (not sure if the name implies more than just a snapshot of the site though).  The name was also suggested in the newsgroup.  I'm not a big fan of hyphens in URLs, but this is an option too.

Why don't we go with  I asked about the name on the archiving thread on and that was the favorite.
Where do we stand at this point on doing this?
Someone needs to set the tag/create the branch, then hand this off to server ops to get the new domain name set up and built from that branch.
The branch to use is: MOZILLA-ORG_2008_04_21_00_ARCHIVE

Handing off to Server Ops for sub-domain creation and setup. Please use, per comment 6.
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Oh, and just to be clear, we want a live instance of from that branch, presumably updating once every 15/30/60 minutes (your choice!). This instance doesn't need to exist in multiple colos, one is fine.
Assignee: server-ops → justdave
OK, there's one more thing that needs to happen on the branch before we can deploy this.  The "dostage" script on the branch needs to be updated so that it can run on the same machine as the one on trunk without interfering with it.  That means new lockfile names in particular, and perhaps new pathnames for other things as well.  This was done on the beta branch during the last site redesign, so comparing it to the one there would be a good start.
And just to be clear, I've got a few days worth of high priority things on my plate right now, but there's nothing stopping someone else from updating that script, it's all in cvs (the tools directory under mozilla-org).  Just make sure you do it on the branch.  Otherwise, I'll get to it... eventually.
Updating the script is on my todo list. Do you have the name of the beta branch so I don't have to scrounge around for it?
It'll be one of these:

   Existing Tags:
	BETA_20040721_BRANCH     	(branch: 1.2.6)
	WEBSITE_BETA_BRANCH      	(branch: 1.2.4)
Assignee: justdave → samuel.sidler
mozilla-org/tools/dostage on both of those branches are identical to the ones on HEAD. There's nothing here for me to do from talking with Dave on IRC.

-> Dave
Assignee: samuel.sidler → justdave
Apparently when endico set this up last time the script was locally modified on the staging server and never committed :(  ss and I worked out on IRC last night where the places were that had paths that need to be adjusted, so I have the info I need to continue.
ok, the staging script is in place and functioning on mradm02, and we have a populated docroot.  I need to track down some help getting the live website config into bcfg2 for distribution to the webheads and we should be good to go.  I'll post again as soon as I've got that done.
OK, the site is live.

It's on the same build schedule as currently.  Check in on that branch and it'll show up.
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